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Connecting local communities since 1949


A Proud heritage

Thornes are proud to offer an illustrated hardback book featuring the history of the company which commenced PSV operation in 1949, initially trading as 'J H Thornes Coach Proprietor & Motor Engineer'. It looks back at Thornes & Co a previous company which ran lorries and commenced operation in the early 1900s. Via a progressive name change through Thornes Motor Services to Thornes Independent Ltd, this chronology recounts the development and expansion of the firm.

There are numerous achievements and 'firsts' recorded in the book including:- a satellite operation in Stamford Bridge and a separate depot established in Selby in 1972. The absorption of the operations of Premier Coaches, Dunnington and Gorwoods of East Cottingwith, and the more recent take over of Colliers Minicoaches of Selby receive coverage.

Barry Rennison gives a first hand account of the founding of Independent Coachways Ltd prior to the takeover by Thornes in 1987 and the amazing achievements of that company during its formative years.

A comprehensive history, copiously illustrated with evocative pictures. The book is only available by direct purchase from the company. The price is £34.00 which includes postage and packaging. You can pay by card over the phone. This hardback book contains 139 pages and 400 images, call 01757 630777 to order your copy today!

70th anniversary thornes book


iconic vehicles

Over the years the Thornes Family have amassed a comprehensive archive of still pictures and a movie film record of their operational heritage. They are especially proud of two ‘retained’ vintage coaches: - VHO 200 the 1959 Seddon and OKP 980 the 1952 Beadle both purchased by John Thornes in 1961 and 1960 respectively. These two coaches lay exposed to the elements for many years after their withdrawal from service in 1971, but have since been fully refurbished and now these iconic vehicles are now kept in the family's private collection.

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our future

The new generation of staff and owners at Thornes Independant are proud to remain Selby’s trusted independent coach and bus company, and hope to continue the legacy for years to come, whilst continuing to strive, improve and expand as the business serves the communities of Selby.

the future generation of thornes staff and owners


Wheelchair Accessible Buses & Coaches

Thornes Independent are proud to offer wheelchair access on a number of their coaches as well as it being 'standard' on their local bus services, promoting inclusivity and accessibility within the community. This accessibility feature is always supported by the friendly drivers, allowing customers to travel independently and at ease. 

They have already seen great benefit with local schools where wheelchair users have, for the first time, been able to be fully inclusive and travel on the same vehicle with their classmates on educational trips. This accessibility feature is always supported by the friendly drivers, allowing wheelchair users to participate more fully in local activities, or simply enjoying leisure outings.

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